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Variations and Claims Management

Variations and claims management are essential components of construction management that require careful attention to detail and effective communication. Variations refer to changes made to the original scope of work, while claims refer to disputes between project stakeholders regarding costs or damages.

Effective variations and claims management can help ensure that a construction project stays on schedule, within budget, and meets the desired quality standards. Here are some key strategies for managing variations and claims in the construction management business:

  1. Document Everything: To effectively manage variations and claims, it is important to document everything from the beginning of the project. This includes all communication between project stakeholders, scope of work documents, and change orders.
  2. Establish a Change Order Process: A change order process should be established to ensure that all variations are documented and approved before being implemented. This process should include a review of the scope of work, costs, and timeline impacts.
  3. Conduct Regular Site Inspections: Regular site inspections can help identify potential variations or claims before they become major issues. This can include identifying changes to the site conditions or unexpected delays.
  4. Communicate Clearly and Effectively: Effective communication is crucial for managing variations and claims. All stakeholders should be informed of any changes or potential issues, and regular updates should be provided to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Work Collaboratively: Variations and claims can be stressful for all stakeholders involved. To effectively manage these issues, it is important to work collaboratively and seek solutions that benefit everyone.

By following these strategies, construction managers can effectively manage variations and claims, leading to successful project completion. It is important to note that variations and claims should be addressed as soon as they arise to prevent further delays or cost overruns.

In conclusion, variations and claims management are critical components of the construction management business. Effective management strategies, including documentation, change order processes, regular site inspections, clear communication, and collaborative problem-solving, can help ensure that a construction project stays on track and meets its desired outcomes. By prioritizing variations and claims management, construction managers can avoid costly delays and disputes, leading to successful project outcomes.